What Dog Bed Should I Choose?

Jack Russell dog sitting on the settee

Just like you, we love shopping for our pooches and pups! 

Jack Russell dog sitting on the settee

Fed up with muddy paws on your new settee and bed covers? Maybe it’s time to think about buying your dog their own bed and providing them with their private space.

There’s never been such a large and varied choice for dogs so we’ve chosen a showcase of the types on offer. There’s something for all shapes, sizes and breeds. 

Dog on bed

Perfect Dog Beds – Dogs Love To Sleep!

All pets love their sleep so why not give them the best possible sleeping experience with a high-quality bed from luxury brands such as Scruffs, Danish Design, Silent Night, Project Blu, Joules, Fatface, Sophie Allport, Barbour and more. Dogs will use their beds continually during the day as well as sleeping through the night, hoping in and out regularly so mattresses do take a pounding.

Dog, sleeping, covered in bed sheets,

The Types Of Beds Available

What Sort Of Dog Bed Should I Choose?

  • Orthopaedic beds. As your pet ages, they have different requirements such as orthopaedic needs. Their bones and joints need extra help and support and there are specially designed beds generally filled with memory foam, shaping to the pet’s body. 
  • Self-heating dog beds. Perfect for those dogs suffering from arthritis or very ill and provide warmth and comfort when required. These beds contain reflective foil that lies between the quilted polyester fibres and foam, which reflects the pet’s body heat. 
  • Waterproof beds. Easy to clean and machine washable, perfect if your dog loves muddy walks. They’re also useful if your pet suffers from incontinence and females in heat. 
  • Quilted beds. Made to be warm, soft and well padded, suitable for most active dogs.
  • Snuggle beds. Made in a range of differing fabrics generally oblong in shape. Check the size depth of mattresses where applicable so that they are not too thin for your pet.
  • Donut Shaped beds. Have become increasingly popular with smaller pets. Fun shaped, soft and comfortable.
  • Specialised beds. A number of home location solutions such as triangular shaped to fit corner locations and sofa beds.

What Sort Of Size Pet Bed Do I Buy For My Pet?

Consider carefully the size of the bed required. Pets must be able to stretch out and to be able to snuggle in comfort.  If your pet has an existing bed check the size and consider your pet requirements for the future. If your pet is a puppy and likely to grow much larger, consider this when making your purchase.    

  • Measuring your dogs back from the tip of the nose to where the tail starts b) measure from the front legs from shoulder to the foot c) measure the rear legs from the top of the leg to foot.  
  • Add a) and b) and c) measurements then add half the length of a) and this will provide you with the sprawling length.  
  • Consider the length measurements carefully of beds when purchasing now that you have your dogs sprawl length. 
  • Many beds are advertised with a general size such as ‘small’ and provide ideas as to the suitability of certain breeds. Sizes within the breed can vary enormously, it is still best to use your actual pet’s measurements. 

What Other Things Should I Consider When Buying A Pet Bed?

  • Sleep. Pets need their sleep and a comfortable bed, waking refreshed, just like humans do. Here some pointers when choosing –
  • Position. Consider where you are going to place the bed, preferably in no draughts, and where it is their quiet space yet accessible, taking measurements of the maximum site area for a dog bed to fit the space.
  • Fabric. Many fabrics and styles are available. Fleece and faux suede fabrics keep pets warm. Faux leather and plastic allow for extra durability and a little chewing. Waterproof surfaces easier to keep clean especially dog that may be on heat or like to get muddy from dog-walking. 
  • Colour. Style your home with matching or complimenting coloured beds with the many colour choices and prints available.  

What Types Of Beds Are There?

Orthopaedic Pet Beds
Raised Dog bed
Orthopaedic Beds – Suitable for senior dogs and those with joint mobility problems. Available from Doggie Solutions. #Ad.

A raised dog bed protects pets from floor drafts and off the cold ground, helping pets stretch out with aching joints.

Strong durable fabrics attached to a metal frame, making it suitable for indoors and outdoors use. Some owners finish by adding a soft cushion or duvet type mattress for their pet to lie on. Hose down to keep clean.

Self Heating Pet Beds
Sledmore heated dog bed
Featured ‘The Sledmore’ one of several designs available from Not In The Dog House. #Ad.

Your pet will be safe and warm with one of the first of its kind, heated dog beds. The utmost in luxury for any pooch out there.

Hot Dogs have developed this featured above ultra-safe warming dog bed and once you feel how toasty it gets you will want one too. A heated dog bed comes into their own during the colder months, the therapeutic benefits they can offer furry loved ones can be of great delight.

Just like us, animals can suffer from a range of health conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint and circulatory problems or just the effects of old age. Heat and warmth can be an effective treatment to alleviate the symptoms of these conditions or speed up recovery after injury or surgery. 

Hot Dog beds are made from premium fabrics and materials and the beds feature a pressure-activated heat pad with adjustable heat settings ranging from 25c to 55c offering the perfect amount of pet-pleasing warmth. The heat pad is mains powered and is tested to the highest safety standards. Any cables are armoured and made with chew-resistant metal and plastic to prevent your dog from chewing through the wiring.

Cosy Small Pets In a Pet Tepee
PET CHECK UK,Pet teepee,
Above tepee available one size 55 cm diameter base x 64 cm height when assembled. 5-star reviews. Available from a large range of stylish beds at Not In The Dog House #Ad.

Fabulously cosy, a contemporary design small dog tepee. This fun stylish small bed featured is crafted in dark grey felt fabric featuring a sumptuous faux fur cushion trimmed with hand stitching. 100% wood tent poles for a truly unique feel. Suitable for smaller dogs, and cats.

Designer Print Dog Beds
PET CHECK UK, Dog bed with dog print
Sophie Allport Dog Print Bed 2 sizes available from Not In The Dog House. The outer is 100% wax coated cotton and the inner is 100% cotton which can be easily sponge cleaned. The filling is 100% polyester which ensures longevity and a quick dry after cleaning. #Ad.

There are many contemporary fabric prints available crafted into designer dog beds available by High Street favourite names including Joules, Fatface, Cath Kidston.

The bed print featured above is by Sophie Allport famed for her beautiful country ranges of animal inspired home merchandise.

This provides a dedicated space for your pet and would look fabulous in your home. Popular shaped design with high sides to keep out draughts whilst your pet sleeps with easy access and lightweight so they can be carried room to room if preferred. Several sized versions for small to large dogs.

Waterproof Beds
Waterproof beds - Blog
Available from premium dog bed supplier Doggie Solutions. #Ad.

Ideal waterproof beds for all kinds of dogs including those who like long walks, get wet and dirty!

Popular shapes covered in a heavy-duty hard wearing waterproof materials which are easy to keep clean, brush off loose dirt, wipe with a wet cloth and rinse under a running tap/hose or even a pressure washer. 

Designed to keep your pet warm & comfortable. The thick base cushion usually removable for easy cleaning, and the high walls are filled with fibre to insulate your dog from the cold floor and keep it out of draughts. Several sized versions available.

Snuggle Beds
Snuggle dog beds
Available from a large range at Doggie Solutions. #Ad.

Snuggle dog beds offers your pooch the perfect place to snuggle down, get cosy and snooze the day away! Made in a range of differing fabrics, sumptuous warmth and comfort, your dog will be lapping up the luxury. The oval shape is possibly one of the most popular designs of dog beds. Usually crafted in several sizes to fit small to very large dogs. Check mattress depths and buy the better thickness for your dog.

Donut Beds
Donut dog bed
Dream Paws Bed available by Not In The Dog House. #Ad.

Extremely popular donut shaped beds that can fit into most stylish homes. Suitable for small dogs and cats. This plush bed is designed to help calm your pet. As your dog sinks into these beds and curls up the side increases providing high sides for security, whilst providing a lovely soft and comfortable environment.

Home Solution Dog Beds
Triangular shaped bed
Featured the Hunter Livingstone bed by Not In the Dog House. #Ad.

Clever shaped practical designs available for your home including triangular shaped and beds fitting over settees. Solves difficult spaces and provides your dog with a comfortable space.

Experience tells us –

  • Consider what you want from your dog bed – to be permanently sited or moveable?
  • Buy the right material dog bed that suits your dog – are they chewers or need a waterproof material?
  • Check the sizes very carefully especially if your dog is a puppy and likely to grow much larger.
  • Mattresses take a pounding so invest in a quality, soft but thick mattress.
  • It’s essential to buy a washable bed and preferably removeable mattress
  • How much can you afford? Don’t buy the cheapest, thinnest mattress bed for a really active dog. You’ll be spending your money unwisely and having to renew quickly.
  • Research before buying especially checking buyers remarks left about the product. They can help enormously to influence your decision making especially those left by experienced dog owners.
  • Choose your supplier carefully with not just a great record about their firms service and after care, but also their personal interest in their dog business.

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Jack Russell dog sitting on the settee

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