What Are Dog Crates?

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Going On A Dog-Friendly Staycation – Weekend break – Holiday?

A dog crate may be the perfect solution for your vehicle travel and dog bed needs whilst away.

Your and your pet’s safety and comfort are most important when traveling particularly in a vehicle. When driving, pets can often distract you and other drivers following behind, when pets are allowed to roam freely around the vehicle which can lead to accidents.

The Highway code states –

Rule 57 of the Highway Code states: “When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves if you stop quickly. A seatbelt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars“.

Crates are ideal to help protect drivers and passengers in cases of sudden emergency stops and try to prevent injury to beloved pets by not being flung into and around the vehicle.

Crates additionally can be used at home providing your pet with their own space, and particularly where there may be two or more pets.

Perfect to take with you on weekend breaks and dog-friendly staycations, doubling up as an overnight bed creating your pet’s own familiar space whilst in new surroundings. Ideal for any dog that suffers from anxiety which a new location may cause.

Crates come in various designs and finishes with larger collapsible shapes that can be used as day pens for a new puppy or kitten litter.

They require a base duvet or thick blanket to provide comfort when be used by your pet whether in the car or home. Car pet duvets are available which are washable and dry quickly, ideal to use particularly if driving long distances and your dog has an accident.

Dog Crates have become an invaluable and a useful pet need.

The recent pandemic has bought about new changes to the ways we do things. Post lockdown restrictions may require households not to travel in certain areas of the UK. Read latest government advice. It’s advisable to check with your local council and social media websites before making special journeys.

4 young pensive looking puppies

TIPS Buying The Best Dog Crate 

  • 1. Dogs should have room to be able to stand up, turn around and sit down, in the crate, otherwise, they will be cramped. 
  • 2. There are crates specially designed for hatchback and sloping-shaped boots. It’s important to measure the area where the crate is going to be used carefully before purchasing.  
  • 3. Crates are generally offered for sale in three sizes, small, medium, and large, so it is important to check the size of the crate for your breed requirements. 
  • 4. If buying a crate for a puppy, it may be wise to consider buying a size larger if your puppy is expected to grow considerably in months.
  • 5.Dog crate accessories include covers that can provide your dog with a feeling of safety and security when in an enclosed environment and help to prevent draughts. 
  • 6. Folding crates are multi-functional, can be used inside your home and the car, and useful for taking on weekends away and holidays.
  • 7. Crates for pet air travel have to be on the airline’s approval list so it is very important to check and meet your airline’s requirements before buying and flying with your pet. They will refuse to fly your pet if you do not meet their requirements.
  • 8. Complete by providing a thin quick drying mattress or duvet inside on the crate base for your pet’s comfort.
About Doggie Solutions

We’ve chosen the range from Doggie Solutions online dog suppliers in the UK, established in 2003, by Chris Coles who is known for his expert dog training skills, training dogs, and competing in dog agility competitions since 1992. 

Chris has spent time training dogs at a very senior level including time worked at the animal show at Universal Studios in Hollywood training dogs including the famous Beethoven.

His dog Cap won him a place at Crufts finals in 2006 and 2007 and a member of the Great British team competing at the IFCS World Championships, competing in Belgium 2008 and were silver medallists.

Doggie Solutions offer a range of competitively priced dog supplies including dog cages, crates, leads, collars, harnesses, dog beds, mattresses, cushions, dog I.D tags, dog coats, toys, food, treats & supplements offering dog owners well-known trusted brands, and great reviews where the company is aptly named “doggie solutions” stocking everything you may need.

Airline Approved Crates
Dog in crate at airport

Sky Vari Kennel Pet Carrier 

Image features dogs being handled by airport workers between flights using the Sky Vari Kennel.

Airline Approved

  • The Vari Kennel is perfect for transporting your pets abroad and travelling in cars at home.
  • Believed to be one of the safest kennels for transporting your dog or pet.
  • Meets the airline requirements IATA 91/268/EEC.
  • Recommended by many experts worldwide.
  • Airlines do provide a list of approved carriers and will only transport your pet when you use these.  
  • Constructed with a strong plastic shell and sturdy wire mesh door.
  • Side ventilation grills and clips for water bowls.
  • Must be large enough for the pet to be able to turn around and sit down for comfort. 
  • Several different designs available with improved security features
  • 6 sizes available 
  • Same day dispatch 
  • 5-star reviews
  • A complimenting range of airline pet accessories available 
  • Check your Airlines size requirements for your pet before ordering
Grey Vet Bedding
Grey Vet bedding for dogs and Cats.

Vet bedding is machine washable and quick drying perfect for putting into crates when dogs are travelling for that extra comfort with a thick pile which manages to remain dry after small accidents by pets.

  • Range of sizes to fit different crate sizes
Coloured Dog Crates

Quality Dog Crates available in a large selection of colours 

Pink Training Den

Create a personal safe space for your puppy or dog with a dog crate.

Pull out plastic tray for easy cleaning. 

Front and side doors.

Finish Nano Dryplating Technology, double powder coated for excellent corrosion resistance.

Double safety with a bolt lock and lift lock to unlock the door.

Handy carry handle.

  • 3 sizes available 
  • Same day dispatch 
  • 5-star reviews
Crates Covers
Pet Crate with cover

Covers can protect your pet from distractions and make them feel extra safe in their own space. Covers will help them to keep warm without draughts

Covers normally are made of water resistant fabrics, easy to wipe down keeping clean. This particular featured style has roll up covers where your pet can see out if required or be rolled down if not.

  • Covers come in a range of colours and sizes so measure your existing crate before purchasing.
Sloped Sided Crates
Car crate for dogs

2 Door Dog Car Cages

Suitable for vehicles with shaped rear space. Crate has sloping front and back with rear side door.
*Measuring your car recess is essential.

  • Available with 1 or 2 doors.
  • Manufactured from quality heavy gauge wire.  
  • Finished in Hammerite or black powder coat.
  • 4 sizes available
  • Top-quality
  • Strong, safe
  • Same day dispatch
  • 5-star reviews
Fold Flat Crates

New design fold flat car crate

3 Door Dog Car Crate.

Strong, durable and is built to the highest safety standards.
Offers the solution to the problem of most cars requiring sloping sided crates to fit in the back.
Has twin doors on one side and a large “up and over” door on the opposite side.

  • The shape is tapered so the cage can fit in backs of cars where square crates will not fit. 
  • There is a free removable divider included, so it can either be used as 2 separate compartments for more than 1 smaller dog or a larger dog as required.
  • 3 sizes available
  • Top-quality
  • Strong, safe
  • Same day dispatch
  • 5-star reviews

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