What’s The Best Dog Mattress and Duvet?

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Dogs just like humans like their sleep and it’s best to never disturb a dog when asleep, so providing them with a comfortable bed in their own space is very important.

Bed mattresses are a great alternative to dog beds for pets that like to stretch and for those with aching joints, to get in and out of more easily, slightly raised off the ground keeping them off cold floors.

Generally, mattresses are oblong shaped and made in a variety of fabrics with finishes, sometimes trimmed with removable dog pillows and bolster.

Dog lying on comfortable bed mattress

What’s The Best Mattress For My Dog?

6 Tips to help buy a mattress or duvet that’s right for your pet

  • How high do you want your pet to be off the ground? Most mattresses are filled with thick contour memory-based foam and take your pet off lying close to a cold floor.
  • Check the space where you intend the mattress to be located. Measure to ensure you have enough room. Measure your dog’s sprawl size and ensure you buy a mattress large enough for your dog’s sprawl length providing comfort. How to measure your dogs sprawl.
  • Is your dog a chewer? Check the details on destructibility provided by the seller. It’s not advisable to buy soft plump type mattresses if your dog chews easily into the mattress as they may swallow the filling and likewise it isn’t cost-effective renewing mattresses frequently.
  • Which fabric is best? As your pet ages, their needs change and may become incontinent. Waterproof lined mattresses are perfect that can be wiped clean. Waterproof lined beds are ideal for those dogs that just love the mud leaving trails everywhere!   
  • What are mattresses filled with? Memory foam mattresses shape with the pet’s body when lying on it, and can come in several thicknesses dependant upon your dog’s weight, helpful when they suffer from older age with arthritis and joint pains.
  • What designs are available? Dog beds may have discreet handles to help move the mattress if planning to situate it in different rooms regularly. Review the many designs that are available and can style with your interiors and colour themes.
What’s the difference between a duvet and mattress?

Duvets are also very popular similar to a cushion giving dogs and cats some comfort and can be easily picked up and moved around the home, used as office temporary beds, or in travel crates, size permitting. They generally have an easy to remove zip fastening washable covers with a thinner cushion-like inner.

Crate mats are similar to cushion duvets and designed to fit the sizes of regular dog crates, providing dogs and pets with a comfortable base to sit and lie on, use practical fabrics that wash and dry quickly due to accidents that may happen when travelling longer journeys.

How many beds should I have with two dogs?

It is advisable to have at least a bed per dog that lives in the house avoiding a competition between them. You can have different types of bed and this shouldn’t be a problem, but they may constantly swap around the time spent in each type of bed.

Not In The Dog House Travel Mattress suitable for dogs
Not in the Dog House Dog Mattress
Not In The Dog House settee bed
Not In The Dog House Travel Duvet Cushion for Dogs and Cats
Selection of pet mattresses and duvets available from Not In The Dog House

Styles And Designs Available

Not In The Dog House have a fabulous diverse range of cushions and duvets available in usual oblong shapes in plain or prints by well known and trusted dog suppliers such as Danish Design, House of Paws, Scruffs with gorgeous prints by Joules, Fat Face, Sophie Allport plus traditional styling from classic Barbour and more.

This stylish Yorkshire based business stock contemporary designs such as a very practical settee cover pet bed (featured above), a triangular shaped dog bed that fits a cornered space, designer contemporary chic tepees, suitable for smaller dogs and pets, heated dog beds which help older dogs with their soothe aching joints, and a range of quite lovely quality prints and colour dog beds, duvets and cushions that will compliment any modern, contemporary or traditional home. They seem to have thought of everything.

Not In The Dog House offer a stylish contemporary online shop with the added comfort of a 5 star Trust Pilot rating, free delivery over £35.00 order and a constant range of new designs.

Gift Vouchers and Christmas Shop available.

Not In The Dog House Travel Mat for pets
We spied a gorgeous navy printed Joules travel mat with handles, zips up and folds open which would make a fabulous present anytime of the year for any pet lover, pictured above. #Ad.

Dog Specialists

Whether it’s heavy duty waterproof oval cushion pad or pretty Fatface environmentally friendly printed dog duvet Doggie Solutions can provide you with a wide range of cushions, duvets and mattresses.

Cushions that are perfect for those dogs that love getting dirty, country dogs and dogs that take walks regularly in muddy fields.

A selection of beds, including waterproof materials with repellent coatings helping to brush off loose dirt, selection of sizes to fit most dogs and selection of colours.

Replace worn out existing beds with a new colourful practical mattress or provide an additional dog space in your home with a new duvet.

Based in East Sussex, with 5 star ratings run by dog professional Chris Coles. Accumulate discounts as you spend. Christmas shop available now. #Ad.

Doggie Solutions Dog Mattress
Doggie Solutions - Dog Mattress
Doggie Solutions Fatface Duvet -
Selection of pet mattresses and duvets available from Doggie Solutions

Not In The Dog House Travel Car Mat for pets - blog
Versatile waterproof all purpose mat perfect for car and home from just £17.99. Not In The Dog House. #Ad.

Keeping Your Pet’s Bed Clean

It’s astonishing what a bed or mattress contains when it’s microscopically analysed. It will have pet’s drool, urine staining, faecal matters, outdoor grasses and include mud, ticks, fleas, parasites, and nasty hairs. All nasty things that we don’t really like to touch and talk about.

Most covers are machine washable and need cleaning at the highest temperature the fabric allows to rid stains. If the cover allows tumble drying, its advised to also set at the highest temperature provided on fabric instructions to further kill off any remaining parasites. Mattresses should also be washed frequently, if foam, will need soaking for some hours and will take longer to dry.


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