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PET CHECK UK Low tide at Tenby, South Wales.

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What Are The Best Dog-Friendly Beaches In Pembrokeshire?

Lyndstep – Tenby – Saundersfoot

Picture of fabulous Tenby Harbour and Beach

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Beautiful walks along coastal routes and sandy beaches featuring Lyndstep – Tenby – Saundersfoot

Wales is a beautiful country and very understated by Brits when it comes to visiting the extraordinary countryside and coastal routes, whether its winter or summertime.

Pembrokeshire, the most south-western county of Wales, offers incredibly beautiful dog walking eastern, southern and wester facing sandy beaches, tucked away havens punctuate all along the coastline with small hamlets and villages offering dog-friendly holiday lets, perfect for anyone visiting during winter or summer providing wonderful dog walking and sea swimming opportunities. The first time you visit these areas you will be amazed as to why you hadn’t earlier.

During the height of the holiday season,1st May until 30th September, there is a dog walking restriction on certain parts or all of the beaches such as Saundersfoot and Amroth, Tenby South, Lydstep, also Poppit, Newgale, Broad Haven, Dale.

Summer season still allows dogs on selected areas of the beaches, or dog walking along promenades.

This provides an outstanding out-of-season staycation with your pooch during Spring, Autumn, and Winter taking even more advantage of the miles of glorious Welsh sand, some shingle and pebble beaches, and sometimes, rocky areas without dog walking restrictions.


PET CHECK UK Tenby sandy beach and town, South Wales

Dog Walks – Dog-Friendly Beaches In Wales

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Sometimes referred to as ‘Little England’ Pembrokeshire’s fabulous Atlantic coastline offers the renowned UK’s only Coastal National Park and the world’s second-largest tidal range. It is important to check tidal levels before venturing too far, walking along clean sandy beaches, and keeping an eye on your dog, if they like swimming in the waters. 

Buying a dog buoyancy jacket may be a good idea for those dogs that love swimming. It can help to keep them afloat when they may suddenly tire without warning and struggle to swim back to the shore. Jackets are priced reasonably starting at £20.00 or so. Try Pets At Home who have stock of jackets.

Tenby retains its historic 13th Century Town Walls and is referred to as ‘The Jewel In the Pembrokeshire’s Crown’ creating a busy tourist destination that sits right on the beach. There’s plenty of boating activity, places to eat and shops to visit. It’s a perfect all-year round tourist destination that is dog-friendly.

North Tenby and Harbour restrict dogs in most areas, has toilet facilities, cafes and shops and slip way whilst South Tenby restrict dogs using the beaches and must be on leads around the promenade area.

Tenby’s hospitable pubs, cafes and restaurants mostly welcome you and your pooch. During the recent pandemic, Tenby was an extremely busy visitor destination. Should your pet suffer an accident, Tenby also offers a local veterinary surgery.

Saundersfoot has a glorious 2.2 mile stretch of golden sands with easy access onto the beach including parking. The restrictions during summer are dogs not allowed on beaches and on leads when on the paved promenade areas behind the beach.

Lydstep is a small village 4 miles south of Tenby and again, boasts a wonderful stretch of sandy beach. The whole of Lydstep Haven is occupied by The Lydstep Beach Holiday Park which is mostly privately owned caravans but some are available to rent. The restrictions during summer are dogs not allowed on beaches and on leads when on the paved promenade areas.

Beach doggie tips to remember –

  • To take lots (more than usual) of fresh water and a collapsible bowl for your thirsty dog. Seawater is salty and will make your dog even more thirsty.
  • Have old towels to dry your dog if they’ve been swimming. Provide them with towels to sit on, rather than the sand, and towels help to clean off the sand before going home!
  • A sun canopy or umbrella shade is important, not just for you, but also for your dog who can catch sunburn as much as you can. Check out Pet Check Shop for supplies.
  • You may need to use a short and/or long dog lead during restriction times, and take a dog muzzle if you prefer your dog to wear one on busier beaches. Dogs can act out character in new, unknown places often feeling anxious.
  • Remember a buoyancy jacket if your dog loves swimming.
  • Please remember to take your rubbish home with you. That includes dog poop which is your responsibility to clean up at all times. 

Pictures of Saundersfoot beach

To get the very best out of a special day trip, plan in advance.

  • Pre-book your car park space if necessary.
  • Check all local social media before setting out including if there are traffic build-ups in the area so you are not wasting time sitting in a hot car.
  • Check tide times for the best times to be on the beach. We recommend two hours after high tide allows the tide to be going out, sand and shingle drying out and gives more space on the beach.
  • Remember to buy sun block for you and your pet before its too hot weather, apply before leaving home.
  • Ensure your dog has ventilated space in your vehicle and also sunshades protecting them from direct sunlight whilst travelling.



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