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What Are The Best Dog Walks In North Devon?

Beautiful dog-friendly walks along coastal routes and sandy beaches

Clovelly is a small resort in North Devon, facing north eastwards towards the western limit of the Bristol Channel and the Atlantic Ocean flanked by spectacular high cliffs.

A quaint 14th century traditional North Devon fishing village with original timber-framed houses and cobbled paved ways leading down to the harbour, Clovelly has been in private hands for more than 300 hundred years and continues today.

Clovelly beach is mainly shingle with patches of sand flanked by the stunning vegetation and cliffs surrounding this region and a great tourist destination for the family. Clovelly maintains restrictions on visiting in order to keep this a unique area and charges for access to the beach.

There is no car access onto the beach, visitors must park cars and walk about 400 yards down the hill. As you walk, there are hotel and pub facilities and shops to enjoy, bringing in much-needed income to keep this fine old traditional village and beach in great shape for visitors.

Clovelly is a dog-friendly all year village with beach

You can feel safe with the knowledge that the RNLI operates a lifeboat from Clovelly village. Remind yourself of their beach safety advice before visiting any North Devon beaches.

Information about high tide times are available from most meteorological websites. It’s important to plan around high tide, because you’ll get more enjoyment with your dog when the tide is about 2 hours after high tide, going out, and sands can be exposed on some beaches and start drying out. It provides more space and freedom to enjoy.

Hartland Quay is positioned on the other side of the headland from Clovelly Beach, with a stunning rocky cliff backdrop.

Currently, there is a dog walking ban in place on the beach, but do check the Visit Devon website for information lifting this.

The beach is smaller, a mixture of shingle, rocks and patches of sand flanked by the cliffs.

There’s room for dogs on North Devon’s beaches, but with restrictions differing between the areas of the beaches starting from Easter time. Visit Devon provides a list of the North Devon dog-friendly beaches with dates and it’s wise to double-check these dates before making a special journey and social media.

There is a pet veterinary practice available nearby at Hartland and about 11 miles away at Bideford.

Beach doggie tips –

  • To take lots (more than usual) of fresh water and a collapsible bowl for your thirsty dog. Seawater is salty and will make your dog even more thirsty.
  • Have old towels to dry your dog if they’ve been swimming. Provide them with towels to sit on rather than the sand, and towels help to clean off the sand before going home!
  • A sun canopy or umbrella shade is important, not just for you, but also for your dog who can catch sunburn as much as you can.
  • You may need to use a short and/or long dog lead during restriction times, and take a dog muzzle if you prefer your dog to wear one on busier beaches. They can act out character in new, unknown places often feeling anxious.
  • Please remember to take your rubbish home with you. That includes dog poop which is your responsibility to clean up at all times. 

To get the very best out of a special day trip – plan in advance

  • Pre-book your car park space if necessary
  • Check all local social media before setting out including if there are traffic build-ups in the area so you are not wasting time sitting in a hot car
  • Check tide times for the best times to be on the beach. We recommend two hours after high tide allows the tide to be going out, sand and shingle drying out and gives more space on the beach.
  • Remember to buy sunblocks for you and your pet before its too hot weather, apply before leaving home
  • Ensure your dog has ventilated space in your vehicle and also sunshades protecting them from direct sunlight

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Never leave your dog unattended in your car or unattended on beaches

The recent pandemic has bought about new changes to the ways we do things. Post lockdown restrictions may require households not to travel in certain areas of the UK. Read the latest government advice. It’s advisable to check with your local council and social media websites before making special journeys. You may find that you are required to pre-book vehicle entry into popular beaches during the summer months.

Prices and information correct at time of writing. Images courtesy Visit Devon

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