What Is The New Seaside Countryside Dog Code Guidance?

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\\\ updated 1 October 2021

What Is The New Coastal Country Side Code?

How does it affect your dog?

The UK has more than 11,000 miles of coastline with thousands of beautiful public beaches, open 365 days of the year, which most of us know we need to protect more than ever.

The majority of the UK’s population live in urban and city dwellings where millions of the population have never travelled out to the countryside, or the coastal beaches, being unaware of the guidelines that local residents abide by.

The Countryside Code is the government’s guide to helping to keep our country fit for the growing population, first set out 70 years ago, and now more than ever, the need to ensure we protect it when more Britons than ever are taking staycations, weekend breaks and day outs visiting the UK’s beautiful countryside and coastal regions.

Remembering a paper printed booklet in the school library decades ago, looking very much like the old Highway Code guides, ‘The Countryside Code’ published details about what one could and couldn’t do, the ‘Rules and Regulations’ of the countryside.

70 years since its conception, the new Guide takes on a much more, fresher updated version, published online on 1 April 2021, with help and advice for its compilation by the public.

The 4 main headings of The Countryside Code include –

  1. Respect everyone
  2. Protect the environment
  3. Enjoy the outdoors
  4. Know the signs and symbols of the countryside

There’s far more written in this guide about “Be nice, say hello, share the space”. There’s information about care when dog walking in the countryside and particularly picking up your dog’s mess and disposing of correctly, which if left lying around can be so dangerous to humans.

Dog’s mess is one of the main reasons why beaches get restricted to dog walkers during busy times during the summer months because of owners who fail to clear up the mess and the health risks it poses.

The Coastal Beach Information is updated as follows –

Check weather, tide and water conditions

Check weather forecasts before you set off. Conditions can change quickly on mountains and along the coast. Do not be afraid to turn back if conditions change when you’re out and about.

Look up tide times before you leave to reduce the risk of getting cut off by rising tides. Some rivers are affected by tidal change, it’s not just the sea. Take care on slippery rocks and seaweed.

Check the Environment Agency website for water quality and conditions if you want to paddle, swim or enjoy the water.

Dog Walking Around The UK

Beautiful walks along coastal routes and sandy beaches

The Pet Check UK blog has been covering beach coastal walking with your dog during the past few months, and you may find tips helpful about UK’s beach restriction dates before making a special journey where your chosen beach may be restricted to your pet.

Blogs explains beach safety, hot summer dog waling on beaches, the use of GPS pet activity trackers, problems of trash and poop left on beaches and not letting your dog scavenge on beaches.

The recent pandemic has bought about new changes to the ways we do things. Post lockdown restrictions may require households not to travel in certain areas of the UK. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland governments publish frequent updates. It’s advisable to check with your local council and social media websites before making special coastal journeys.

More Coastal And Beach INformation

PET CHECK UK - Dog walking - Dog and owner by the sea edge

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