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Is It Time For Dog Jackets?

Winter Dog Walks

A lovely time for short mid-morning dog walks

Provides your dog with the exercise it needs for a healthy lifestyle.

Your dog needs variety in their everyday lives just as humans do and exercising regularly with varied walks is a must whether it’s the local park, recreation ground, country estate, field, beach, or road walk,

Winter walking needs preparation making sure your dog has adequate warmth with a dog jacket that fits their needs as dogs suffer from the cold just as we do.

Young dogs, underweight dogs, short-haired dogs with fine or thin fur, or if dogs are unwell should wear extra warmth when it’s cold. These dogs feel the cold much faster than other dogs and should only be walked for short periods of time.

The best time for dog walks is mid-morning during winter months when the temperature is higher and visibility should be better. Some adjustments may be needed to daily routines and meal times.

If walking along dark roads, reflective wear is a must for additional safety, and lights that fit onto collars can be seen by passing traffic.

Paws can become numb when walking on snow and ice and the chemicals used salting paths and drives can hurt. Owners have the option to provide their pets with special paw boots for those pets that suffer the most.

Pet Check recommends Jollyes pet supplies, Pets At HomeZooplus, Bunty Pet Products, for the best winter dog clothing.


Autumn Town And Beach Dog Days Out

Autumn provides the opportunity to visit and explore towns by the coast you may not have considered during summer staycations.

Perfect for a day out or weekend break coupled with the opportunity to use the thousands of miles of Autumn and Winter unrestricted access to beaches, from 1 October, that the UK has to offer.

Hastings Funicular provides a new dog experience

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Daily Autumn Dog Walks To The Park

City dog walking can be every bit rewarding as countryside walking with your dog, and at this time of year holds similar hidden problems.

Leaves are beginning to drop from trees and ripened fruits, nuts, and berries. The vast majority are toxic to your dogs.

Vets prepare to see more cases in their surgeries of dogs that have swallowed nuts having become blocked in their intestines, needing emergency treatment.

The worst offenders being acorns from oak trees and conkers from the horse chestnut tree, which look enticing to your pet, but simply are so hard they cannot break down and dogs swallow them whole.

Fir trees produce cones, and the hazelnut tree sheds nuts. The sheer size of cones makes these more prohibitive to swallow but hazelnuts are smaller.

Coupled with other wilting vegetation now drooping and shedding leaves, it’s important to steer your pet away from sniffing and foraging.

10 Worst Offenders

The ten worst plants and trees that can cause toxicity for dogs are –

  1. Conquers
  2. Acorns
  3. Hazelnuts
  4. Ivy
  5. Laurel
  6. Yew
  7. Holly
  8. Wild Fungi
  9. Hydrangeas
  10. Autumn Crocus

If you have problems identifying local vegetation try the various free apps now available in the Android, iOS Apple stores such as Woodland Trusts.

Autumn Crocus Are Highly Toxic To Dogs

The signs of toxicity are generally severe vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver and kidney damage, and respiratory failure.

If you’re not sure what your dog has eaten call your veterinarian immediately.

Signs may be seen immediately but can be delayed for days.


Summer Dog Walking

The fabulous West Wittering beach in West Sussex, pictured, is a haven for dog walkers but becomes so visitor-packed during summer that a pre-paid car park now operates to avoid overcrowding. Plan your trip in advance.

Summer Dog Get-Aways

This year sees millions of Brits flock to glorious coastal destinations taking advantage of the summer weather whether it be from the top of cliffs walking along hundreds of miles of beautiful coastal paths and routes or spending days on glorious sandy beaches. The recent pandemic has taught us to rediscover and explore our 11,000 miles or so of the UK coastline.

Whether it’s for a staycation, weekend break, or just a day trip out, more and more of us take our beloved friends with us. There are more than 12.5 million dogs now residing in the UK so beaches, resorts, pubs, and inns welcome our dogs more than ever.

5 Summer Tips For Happy Dog Walks

Summer walks whether sandy paws on beaches or paw-fect local parks are gorgeous when the weather is warmer and friendlier but brings its problems for our canine friends. If dogs could talk they’d be reminding us the 5 important things owners should remember during summer days out –

  1. Dogs don’t like walking in hot weather, they prefer cooler mornings and evening walks
  2. Dogs don’t like walking on scorching hot pavements and other hot surfaces warmed up by the sun which burns their paws
  3. Dogs definitely do not like being left in overheating cars in direct sunshine even for a couple of minutes
  4. Dogs do not like empty water bowls, they adore lots of fresh cool water even on the go
  5. Dogs like adjustments to the foodie menus in size and times to suit hot conditions
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The pet charities offer FREE pet charity first aid guides. Apply for your free guide or download before you go on holiday and brush up on your cat and dog’s life-saving skills. Your pet may thank you.

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\\\ Coastal Dog Walks

Coastal And Countryside Walks

Follow The Countryside Code

With so many Brits taking to the coast and countryside, new guidelines have recently been published. Refresh yourself.

The National Trails

When beaches and car parks may become too packed in popular destinations, there’s always the adventure of seeing fantastic views from cliff tops, walking between local villages and towns, and enjoying a day out with your dog being able to roam.

The 16 National Trails are a fantastic place to plan your walk picking up around the numerously signed coastal cliff paths snaking around the UK or inland across moors, dales, and hilly locations. Perfect walks all year round, your dog needing to be fit, healthy, and used to long day walking, being able to accompany you.

Each Trail having shorter circular walks suitable for a morning or afternoon dog walking adventure. Read more about The National Trails at

The Quiet Tranquility Of The River Thames, just the sound of lapping water by the river bank edge – The Thames Path Walk – caught on a video snippet, at Walton-On-Thames, Surrey, part of the Trail walk from the river source in The Cotswold to the very heart of London you can enjoy with your dog. Read The Thames Path

Read more about The 87 mile Ridgeway Walk discovered this summer. The Ridgeway begins at Overton Hill just outside the World Heritage Site of Avebury, the Ridgeway stretches 87 miles to Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire. The Ridgeway Trail

Have a safe and dog-friendly beach and coastal visit

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Special Dog Day Events

Summer months bring lots of opportunities to meet new dogs, dog owners, and friends.

Organised as a Sunday stroll at 6 fabulous venues around the UK, The Big Dog Walk starts again this year, at the beginning of June 2021, with special events running alongside.

If there isn’t one near you, keep a lookout in your local press for other similar events.



Walking With Your Dog In Spring

Dogs love spring walks after shorter and dark winter days. There’s so much going on with lots of new smells and temperatures now steadily improving.

Heavy padded dog coats can be replaced with lighter weight dog coats and longer walks to get that excess winter weight off after staying at home longer.

Many UK gardeners are out in force, planting lots of new spring plants which dogs and cats may need to avoid eating to avoid harm or even life-threatening toxicity, using non-organic fertilisers and pesticides, cocoa mulch that can cause harm to animals.

Owners may need to do some repairs to fences to ensure their dogs are safe in their gardens to roam freely.

Snails are now out of winter hibernation and activities that are life-threatening to dogs causing lugworm if they eat one, and even adders are ready to nip at your pets this time of year. For more information, read Pets And Vets.


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Pets and Vets

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The Great British weather demands that dog walkers be prepared for any weather, at any time!

Outdoor dog walking essential must-haves for longer walks include bodywarmer, hoodie, fleece, hiking jacket, waterproof trousers, wellies, walking boots, trainers, hat, scarf, gloves, thermal coat, body bag, backpack, sunglasses, and water bottle. Pet Check recommends

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After A Long Day Walking Try Relaxing

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