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\\\ Pet Charity Recycling

\\\ updated 4 October 2021

How do I recycle my old duvet for pet use?

Old duvets are very much needed for animal shelters up and down the UK. Simply get in touch with your local shelter who will give you more details or pass to your local pet charity shop. Read more about Charity Recycling

Can I recycle cushions and pillows?

Yes, and pet charities and animal shelters can also accept your donations. Read more about Charity Recycling

My dog-wellies wellies have holes in them, where can I recycle these?

Wellington boots are quite difficult to recycle as they are made of rubber materials that are difficult to reprocess. Read more about Recycling

\\\ Covid-19

Can my pet catch Covid-19?

Yes. The first case was reported by the Animal and Plant Health Agency on 22 July 2020. 

What do I do if I suspect my pet has Covid-19?

Wash your hands with soap and water before and after touching your pet.

Immediately contact your veterinary practice for emergency help – do not go the the vet’s practice.

Avoid close contact with pets from other households and stray animals.

Read more about Covid-19 And Pets

Is my pet covered if it catches Covid-19?

Yes, unless your policy states otherwise. 

Pet insurers have plans in place to support pet owners who make a claim and have partnered with vets to ensure pets receive treatments they need.

Read more about Covid-19 And Pets

How does my pet catch Covid-19?

The chances are much lower risk than with humans that your pet will catch Covid-19 but pets, strays and wild animals can transmit symptoms through their fur.

Read more about Covid-19 And Pets

Pet owners with Covid-19 symptoms

Pet owners who have symptoms of Coronavirus should minimise contact with their pets and their members of the family.

Read more about Covid-19 And Pets

\\\ Pet Food And Drink FAQs

What’s the best pet feeding bowl?

There are a number of different types of pet feeding bowls you can buy and each style has a practical use either for a dog, cat, kitten or puppy. Check out the different types. 

Read our Pet Foods and Drinks Guide

What should I look for when buying pet food?

There’s no one solution and very much depends on what your pet prefers to eat unless advised otherwise by a vet on medical grounds. It’s as simple as that.

Read our Pet Foods and Drinks Guide

Are Pumpkins safe for dogs and cats?

Yes. Like all foods, there are certain requirements needed when serving human food to our pets, depending on their size, age and health.

Read our Pumpkin Food blog

Why do dogs drink from toilets?

Pets like a constant supply of fresh cool water and that’s exactly what the toilet provides. Providing a constant supply of freshwater for your dog or cat may be the answer by buying a pet water fountain. 

Read our Pet Foods and Drinks Guide

What foods are harmful to my pet?

Certain human food and drinks can be overwhelming for dogs, cats and small pets and cause much harm when very toxic. Check out the many foods and drinks listed that you should avoid giving your pet.

Read our Pet Foods and Drinks Guide

Do kittens like milk?

It’s advisable not to provide kittens with milk as young kittens will wean off their mother’s milk at about 4 weeks and progress onto drinking water.

Read our Pet Foods and Drinks Guide

Are treats safe to give to pets?

Pet treats are only harmful when pets are given too many to consume causing them to become obese. Shop bought treats generally have high sugar contents and should only be given in moderation. Natural foods such as broccoli stalks, carrots and apples have very little calories and are a great alternative.  

Read our Pet Foods and Drinks Guide

\\\ Pet Insurance FAQs

How much does pet insurance cost?

No one pet is the same as the next and insurers offer a number of different types of policies, therefore pet insurance costs vary. Read our Pet Insurance Guide

What if my pet holiday travel firm goes bust?

To protect yourself from these eventualities and others, if you purchased their service with a credit card for more than £100.00, e.g. £100.01, in a single purchase your credit card company is equally as liable as the retailer under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.  Read our Pet Insurance Guide

Can I get pet insurance cover immediately?

No. Insurers do not cover for the first fourteen days of a new policy taken out with a new insurance firm.

Read our Pet Insurance Guide

Can I be refused pet insurance?

Yes. Insurers have the right to refuse and there are a number of reasons why insurers may refuse.

Read our Pet Insurance Guide as to the reasons insurers may refuse cover.

Can I insure a banned dog breed?

No. Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 prohibits the ownership of four specific types of dog or the Dangerous Dogs (Northern Ireland) order 1983 or on any updates to that legislation. Insurers will not insure these dogs.

Read our Pet Insurance Guide

What happens if I miss my pets annual treatments?

Your insurer is unlikely to pay out if your pet develops a condition that could have been prevented if caused by a failure to keep up routine treatments such as flea treatments worming, vaccinations. 

Read our Pet Insurance Guide

Can I cover more than one pet on a policy?

Multi-pet insurance covers your pets in a single policy. Adding an additional pet may result in you getting a discount, but other times not. It’s best to check out single policies on your pets and then check what a multi pet discount may provide. 

Read our Pet Insurance Guide

What are Dangerous Dog Breeds?

Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 prohibits the ownership of four specific types of dog or the Dangerous Dogs (Northern Ireland) order 1983 or on any updates to that legislation. Those breeds are classed as Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro.

\\\ Pets And Vets FAQs

Are vets regulated?

Yes. They have a professional body, Rules and Regulations to adhere to. If in doubt, visit their governing body, RCVS, The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Do I have to flea my pets monthly?

Most flea routine treatments are monthly but there are products available that have a longer cycle. Always read the instructions on how to use the product before purchasing.

What are normal dog and cat temperatures?

The normal body temperature for a dog or cat ranges between 38 to 39.2 degrees Celsius (100 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit). If your pet’s temperature has risen or is registering below these temperature ranges contact your vet.

Do I have to pay for my pet to be weighed?

Generally no. All good vet practices encourage pet owners to regularly weigh their pets free of charge. Check with your local vet.

Do I have to microchip a rabbit?

No. Currently there is no UK regulation demanding cats to be microchipped. However some owners prefer to do so if the cat is large enough or where the breed may be expensive.

What information does my pet need?

If you have a new pet, or first visit, then you need to provide the vet with important information such as your personal details, the pets name, breed, age, whether the pet has previously been microchipped (if known), the food they prefer and any medications they are taking.

\\\ Dog Walking FAQs

Do I need to have an ID tag and collar for my pet?

Yes. A legal requirement since The Control of Dogs Order 1992 and needs to be worn on the pet’s collar or an ID tag before stepping outside of your  home in the UK. Read more about Dog Walking

Are GPS pet trackers any good?

GPS pet tracking devices have become highly sophisticated, measuring to a very close range your pet’s location. More affordable with tailored local and international location services available. Read more about Dog Walking

Do local parks legally have to provide information about potentially poisonous plants and shrubs for dogs?

No. Local parks do not have to provide information about their planting. Dog-walkers must watch their dogs at all times if off the lead, that they are not eating shrubbery, flower heads or foraging nuts fallen from trees.

Are dog walkers registered?

No. Currently, 1 in 4 dog owner hires the service of dog walkers where there is no requirement in the UK for these businesses to be registered. Read more about Dog Walking

Do I have to clean up dog poop?

The Dog Fouling Act of 2016, places responsibility on “the person in charge of the dog” at the time of the misdemeanour. Fines currently imposed are up to £80.00. In some council areas, you can be fined for forgetting to carry poo bags or pooper scoopers when out dog walking.   Read more about Dog Walking

What’s the amount of exercise my dog needs?

Exercising depends on the size and breed of dog, it may vary from anything from half an hour a day to more than two hours.

Check our Dog Walks feature for more information.

\\\ Pets Travelling And Holiday FAQs

Would kennel or cattery fees be reimbursed if I cancelled the holiday?

Depending on what type of policy you have taken out, the policy wording and the reason for cancellation will depend on payment. It’s important to read both your pet insurance policy and your travel policy and get in touch with the insurer who is most likely to cover you. 

Does my pet insurance cover me for taking my pet on holiday?

Many thousands of pets have not escaped the attention of pet insurance firms that they are accompanying their owners on more holidays. There are just a handful of firms that insure pets outright so it’s likely you will need to check your insurance policy carefully, call them if unsure and update your policy.

Are paid cat sitters regulated?

When paying for the services of a cat sitter, they will be able to provide you with their insurance details, previous references from other cat sitting duties and if they are DBS checked.

What happens if my pet becomes ill before the holiday?

It’s unfortunate but it happens and you may have to delay or cancel your holiday. Your travel policy will have certain cover, your pet travel policy may also cover for this eventuality and normal pet insurance with add-ons is likely. Read your policies and contact the most appropriate policy provider for their advice and help to cancel or re-arrange your trip and attend to your pet’s medical emergency. 

How much does pet transport services cost in the UK?

Firms operate around the UK transporting your pet from one location safely delivering to another location in the UK and globally. Transport businesses have websites where you be provided with quotes promptly.

Can I take my cat on a ferry crossing in the UK for free?

Most ferry operators allow dogs and cats on the ferry with some guidelines issued on their websites. Cats carried in a carrier safely would be allowed and most ferry crossings in the UK are free for pets when accompanied by their owner. Travelling outside of the UK there are charges.

\\\ Pet Rabbits FAQs

How often do I need to flea my rabbit?

It’s less likely your outdoor rabbit will catch fleas than indoor mixing with other pets in the household. Those pets may be routinely using treatments about once a month and it’s always advisable to treat all pets together.

Read more about Rabbit Flea Treatments

Can rabbits get fleas?

Yes rabbits are prone to catching fleas just like other pets and wildlife. It’s important you act fast and carry out regular treatments. 

Read more about Pets Routine Treatments

Do I need to microchip my rabbit?

No. Microchipping is not compulsory for rabbits in the UK. It can be a consideration where the rabbit is large enough and perhaps an expensive breed.

Can I give my rabbit some turkey?

No. Rabbits are herbivores and do not eat meat, they prefer quality feeding hay and shop bought special rabbit pellets to provide them with a balanced diet.

Can I get rabbit insurance like dogs and cats?

Rabbit insurance is available for the million or more pet rabbits kept by households in the UK, similar to that of dogs and cats.

Read more about Pet Insurance

What food should I give my rabbit?

Making sure your rabbit is well fed on quality dry feeding hay is a must along with a constant fresh water supply and shop purchased pellets providing a balanced diet.

For more detailed information about other foods rabbits can eat read more Pet Food Page

How long do rabbits live?

Healthy pet rabbits can live up to 10 or more years. Wild rabbits do not live as long, due to food scarcity, possible predators and their health, generally 1-2 years.

How do I keep my rabbit warm in winter?

Moving an outside hutch to a more sheltered area such as a garage or shed may help and providing more bedding hay for them to snuggle into. Covering the hutch with a heavy blanket or duvet at night or during snow can help but allow some circulation of air.

\\\ Pet Business FAQs

What are the most popular pet business start-ups?

Over recent years, pet business start-ups have boomed to help the growing economy. Dog Walking, Pet Training and Pet Grooming have rated as the big 3 UK start-up businesses. Read more about 18 Business Start-Ups

What legal compliance do I need before starting a pet business?

Depending on the type of business start-up you are setting up depends on compliance but the most popular requirements are DBS checked, dog walking licence, dog breeding licence and HMRC registered. Read more about Business Start-Ups

Is there anything I need to know to take my dog to work?

Yes, there are things you need to do before taking your dog into the workplace so that you, your pet and your colleagues are happy about the situation. Updating your pet insurance is important likewise your firm. Read more about Business Start-Ups

Who needs pet business insurance?

To ensure all owners, pets and customers are kept safe, Pet Business Liability is a must, typically required for therapy dogs, dog walking, pet events, boarding, pet grooming, dogs in the workplace and more. Read more about Business Start-Ups

\\\ Christmas Pet FAQs

Can I give my cat Christmas lunch?

Cats eat meat so providing a small portion of skinless and boneless turkey should be OK without any sauces, butter, or seasoning. However, do not feed any vegetables. For more information read our Pet Christmas Guide

Should I give my dog some Christmas lunch?

Dogs can eat some foods during special Christmas celebrations but there are also other poisonous foods to avoid. Selected Christmas food should only be served as a special treat. For more details check our Pet Christmas Guide

Can rabbits eat Christmas lunch?

Rabbits should be fed quality feeding hay and shop-bought pellets that provide a balanced diet. There are some raw green foods rabbits can eat in smaller amounts but avoid giving Christmas lunch to your rabbit. Check our Pet Christmas feature for more detail.

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