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Autumn Walks Bring New Pet Insurance Claims

Autumn Pet Claims

Pet insurers are busy all year round and the type of pet insurance claims they see can change seasonally.

Autumn brings lots of new-fallen debris from trees, including conquers, acorns, hazelnuts, leaves, yew berries, holly berries, and more, whilst long dog walks in forests and hills can be home to mushrooms and toadstools, and before you know it, your pet has chewed through several and may soon possibly need emergency vet care which can cost thousands of pounds to put right when they become very sick.

Even eating the leaf mulch as you rake up the garden, can cause similar properties for dogs to caffeine toxicity, causing vomiting or diarrhea, and possibly muscle tremors, seizures, and elevated heart rate.


Autumn pet insurance claims see the darker, earlier evenings causing more accidents, where both you and your dog need to be seen more, wearing a torch and reflective light clothing than can be seen by motorists when walking on paths and country roads.

Cats particularly are at risk during autumn, dashing out in front of cars in darker weather causing accidents, being used to dark nights when they actively hunt. If living in a built-up area, it’s wise to keep your pet indoors during the morning and evening rush hours when most cars are on the roads, some owners prefer to keep their pets in at night, with the statistic that indicates that crossbred cats are twice more likely to be involved in road traffic accidents than purebreds.

Pet insurance is not cheap, so it can be devastating if your claim for injury is refused.

One of the most common reasons why claims are rejected is that owners have failed to keep their details up to date.

Remember to tell your pet insurer about any changes to your pet’s circumstances. That includes changing owners and moving homes. Your details are crucial to the amount they charge you for a premium and will prevent you from claiming for genuine problems your pet may have suffered.

\\\ Summer Pet Insurance Claims

Summer Pet Insurance Claims

5 Of The Most Common Summer Pet Insurance Claims

Summer arrives with a bang and the temperatures shoot up quickly and pet-related insurance claims roll in. Other claims arise from pet accidents that occur on holiday, both here in the UK, and abroad.  

Pet owners need to ensure they took all precautions to avoid accidents so that claims will be honoured and paid when presented to their pet insurers.

5 COMMON summer pet accidents

  1. Pets like humans struggle with the heat and vets immediately see a rise in heat exhaustion cases which can be avoided and insurers sometimes can be reluctant to pay out where the fault lies with the owner. It’s imperative to ensure you never leave a dog or pet locked in a car where they may inadvertently suffer from heat exhaustion in just a matter of minutes when temperatures start rising and that pets always have more and a regular supply of fresh water available throughout the day wherever they are.
  2. Another heat-related pet emergency that results in insurance claims is that of burnt pet paws and the veterinary costs of helping dogs and cats with their sores at the vets. Walking on hot surfaces, such as pavements, hard surfaces and beaches are typical problems for pets.
  3. Summer garden composts with rotting food can hide some horrible toxicity accidents waiting to happen when dogs, in particular, scavenge, along with dogs and cats accidentally munching on poisonous garden flowers.
  4. Summer Holidays kick in and millions of Brits this year will be taking coastal, beach, and countryside walk staycations, weekend breaks, and special day trips. Veterinary surgeons see some dreadful accidents when dogs are out roaming in new areas including falling off cliff tops, sometimes badly breaking bones, or worse, where sadly death occurs.
  5. Dogs get thirsty during warmer weather and will search out any old pool of water. Many claims are made after visits to veterinary surgeries where they have had to help dogs that have drunk infested water, causing dangerous suspected algae poisoning. Again, this is a life-threatening disease that happens all too often.

Vets can do more for pets with better technology including MRI scans and ultrasounds, with many enhanced treatments available, and where insurance bills have become larger than ever before. The cost of treatment can run into thousands of pounds.

PET CHECK UK Dog at vet

Association Of British Insurers

According to the Association of British Insurers, the ABI, pet insurers handled claims worth 2.2 million every day during the pandemic, 2020. They state that it costs £7,000 to treat a French Bulldog with a fractured leg, £3,800 to treat a dog’s dislocated knee cap, £3,600 to repair a Jack Russell specific ligament injury.
The ABI’s pet insurance statistics are based on data from insurers that are ABI members, which means it does not include all the insurers in the UK.

\\\ Spring Pet Insurance


\\\ Spring Pet Claims

What Are The Most Common Spring Pet Insurance Claims?

How to Avoid Your Vet A&E In Spring

Springtime is a welcome relief after long darker winter days and is perfect to get out and about more with your dog whilst your cat will be leaving your warm home more frequently checking out the local neighbourhood daily.

It’s a busy time especially over the Easter period and springtime brings new claims for insurers due to the most common pet accidents which include veterinary care.

If you’d rather avoid a trip to a vet A&E during spring, then it’s best to be aware of these common dog problems that may result in emergency veterinary care –

  • Easter time vets see a rise in naughty pets that may have stolen their owners, friends and family chocolate Easter eggs and become seriously ill, and can die in severe cases of chocolate toxicity.
  • Easter sees traditional Hot Cross buns being sold in their millions and these are dangerous for pets which shouldn’t be given to them as they contain raisins, currants, sultanas and other dried fruit and nuts which are harmful to pets.
  • Spring brings out animals from hibernation and that includes snails which are harmful to dogs that can catch lungworm and adders that are particularly nasty at this time of year, biting.
  • Gardeners are out in force tending their gardens, busy planting flowers and shrubs and use slug pellets and pesticides which are poisonous to pets. Many gardeners like using mulch on their gardens and may have purchased cocoa mulch, again, this causes toxicity for pets.
  • Daffodils are pretty colourful flowers blooming in abundance in gardens, parks, open spaces, and in the home. These flowers are not good for your pet to eat and worse, the bulb is especially poisonous, like several other spring plants grown from bulbs.

Cats can additIonally suffer from toxicity and vet claims made for

  • Lilies, known to be absolutely fatal for cats to digest and best never to be brought into a pet home or planted in the garden.
  • Adders come out of hibernation and are known to be particularly nasty at this time biting pets, particularly cats who are prone due to their free-roaming instincts.
  • Out in the garden, grass blades are a nuisance to cats where they can get stuck in the nasal and throat passages causing blockages and breathing difficulties.
  • Just like dogs, Easter eggs and foods, bulbs, slugs and pellets are also highly toxic and to be avoided using in a cat owners garden.

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\\\ Winter Pet Insurance


\\\ Winter Pet Accidents

What Are The Winter Pet Insurance Claims?

Accidents Vets See Most Frequently During Winter

Pet accidents can happen anytime and some are more costly than others. Sometimes you may have wished you had taken just a moment longer to read all the pet insurance information, reviewed costs, and took out a pet insurance policy.

Below, we’ve listed 9 typical outdoor accidents vets see in their surgeries up and down the UK during winter months where veterinary care can total up to thousands of pounds, far outweighing not having taken out an insurance policy which can help towards the cost of that care.

Typical accidents include –

  • More pet accidents due to darker road conditions where pedestrians walking aren’t seen by motorists. Both cats and dogs suffer from chemical burns to their paws caused whilst walking on roads and pavements by the salt and grit on icy paths and roads.
  • Dogs slipping whilst out walking in the snow even falling into dangerous ice-covered ponds needing rescuing and possibly a case of hyperthermia.
  • Dogs licking and swallowing dangerous Ethylene Glycol antifreeze, collected in puddles left from car radiators and windscreen wash, an emergency condition that left too long is fatal.
  • Dogs playing in snow crashing into snow-covered boulders or falling into large holes.
  • Too longer dog walks and dogs not adequately protected where dogs simply get so cold and can cause hyperthermia.
  • Cats sitting under car bonnets sheltering from the cold can cause death if the driver is unaware.
  • Cats dying of hyperthermia whilst outside with no shelter.
  • Cats that become dehydrated and starve due to being locked in sheds whilst trying to find warmth and cover from cold weather.

There’s been a move recently by some pet owners not to renew pet insurance policies or new owners ignoring pet insurance which can be shortsighted especially when a pet starts aging and veterinary care costs are likely to increase. There are more than 80 pet insurance companies in the UK offering a range of policies so there is plenty of choice of differing types of policies available for everyone.


Pet Insurance

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\\\ Christmas Pet Insurance

Christmas Pet Insurance Claims

December is a busy time for everyone including vets who see more pet emergencies during December than most other months, some vets having a full A&E leading up to and over the Christmas period resulting in a stream of pet insurance claims being made.

The most common claims result from naughty pets sneaking into rooms laden with Christmas presents that may include chocolates, nuts, alcohol, and other goodies, all foods and drinks that result in severe upset stomachs and can lead to poisoning if they’ve consumed too much.

Cats notoriously play with the baubles on Christmas trees and bring these crashing down smashing displays whilst they can be injured and cut their paws. Dogs find wrapping paper and ribbon left lying around. Whilst wrapping paper generally isn’t toxic ribbon can cut their mouths and twist in their intestines and pets eating rich Christmas food that simply doesn’t agree.

You can prevent many of these accidents by taking some precautions when preparing for Christmas and minimize your vet insurance claims.


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