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Just like you, Pet Check loves shopping for our pooches and paws!

Providing lots of useful information about the necessary equipment you need for your growing kitten or cat with tips and checklists and provide recommended quality stockists.

It’s worth taking time to read our ‘Your New Kitten Guide’ which provides detailed information and tips about preparing for a new kitten arrival.

\\\ New Cat And Owners

3 Steps To Buying The Right Products

Save you time and money

Let us provide you with easy steps to help the first-time kitten or cat owner buy the right products for their new addition and save money and time.

1. Your Kitten And Cat Shopping Checklist


As a first-time pet owner, you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices your new kitten or cat may enjoy. A simple essential checklist provides everything you need to start your life together.

  • Your essential Checklist
  • Collar and name tag (optional)
  • Water bowl 
  • Food bowl 
  • Food 
  • Litter tray and litter Scoop  
  • Bed/blanket 
  • Scratchpad or post 
  • Comb and brush 
  • Carrier 


Read the following which now provides helpful advice and saves you money to buy the best kitten and cat carriers, kitten and cat-scratch pads, posts, and towers, kitten and cat beds, water fountains, and cat entry flaps.


\\\ Cat Carriers And Crates

Why Buy A Cat Carrier?

When you bring your kitten home you will need a safe and comfortable carrier to transport your new, precious arrival.

One of the most important pieces of essential equipment is a cat crate or carrier.

You’ll need to take your kitten, and later as a cat, regularly to the vet and it will need to be in a secure and safe pet carrier where there will be other pets in close contact, waiting to see the veterinary help, ensuring your kitten or cat doesn’t escape as it will be frightened in these new and strange surroundings.

You may drive to the vet. Your pet needs to be placed in a safe container, secured into the back seat or boot area to avoid distracting the driver, as The Highway Code Rules states.

If you use public transport to go to the vet or travel with your pet at any other time, then you must have it secured in a proper safe carrier, as transport carriers have a host of Rules covering animals travelling in their vehicles.

Going on holidays, staycations, or weekend breaks without your cat may mean you have decided to board your cat at a cattery and will require a carrier to take your cat there and back, safely. Read more about your pet travelling.

If you’ve left a hired house sitter to look after your cat, they will expect you to have a carrier in case of any vet emergency where they may have to transport your pet to the veterinary surgery in your absence.

\\\ Cat Scratch Pad Posts Towers

What Are Scratch Pads, Posts And Towers?

A scratching surface is an essential piece of kit for the kitten and cat that is housebound.

There are nearly three million or so cats residing in homes that do not go outside and owning a scratch post or tower is a must unless you are happy for your furnishings to be damaged by the frequent need of cats to sharpen their claws on the nearest available item which can include beautiful sofas and rugs.


What is the purpose of a scratchpad or post? Cat owners find that cats are prone to scratch anything that can be scratched around the home, including furnishings due to their instincts. It helps them remove old material from their claws and importantly, they mark their territory.

How do scratch pads and posts help?  Scratching helps tone shoulders and back muscles as well as their paws. The cat stretches standing on its back legs whilst scratching. This is important for indoor cats that may not get as much exercise as outdoor cats.

Who invented the scratch post? This has been extremely hard to find out, no one to date is owning up! Pads and the larger towers arrived after the post design.

What sizes do they come in? Scratching posts come in many shapes and sizes, even to human height. The most important point when buying one for the first time is to check the designated area in your home where you can situate this and work out what size will fit the best. If you have more than one cat, consider getting a larger size to accommodate.  

What are they made out of? The first scratching post was a rope-covered post set on a base. Today, features can include a multitude of different gauge twisted yarns and add-ons such as height tiers, fixed toys, and swing balls. 

What styles are they made in? In recent years there’s been a great surge in the design of great looking stylish posts that can fit into period, contemporary, art deco, and modern homes. They come in a wide range of colours and styles and importantly height. 

Why are there very tall scratch posts? According to cat behaviour experts, this dates back to their origins as hunters were sitting up elevated they could see what was below and protect themselves from a high vantage point. 

How long will a scratch post last? There are several considerations. Some cats scratch more than others, large cats need taller posts and therefore these being larger having more fabric may last longer. Outside cats are likely to take the opportunity to scratch outdoors, anywhere they like, and on different surfaces. It’s also important to consider the quality of the scratch post, the thickness of the rope, sisal, and twine used as these are major factors to length of life.

How many cats may be using it? Cats can share scratch posts if they get along together. Cats that don’t get along with each other tend to scratch more. It’s useful to have two posts in these circumstances, perhaps located in different rooms.

What is a scratch pad? A pad is a flat piece of scratching material covered over a firm surface that can be left on the floor or attached at the appropriate cat height in the home.

How many other scratching items do you have around the home? It’s a good idea to minimise the number of scratching materials you have around the home so that your cat can focus on their scratch post. Don’t lock a cat in a room with valuable furnishings and expect them not to scratch them.

How short do you keep your cat’s nails? The longer the more likely they scratch. Cats normally see to their own nails and keep them in order, biting them back. They scratch with their front claws to remove old debris and keep these shorter.

\\\ Cat Scratching

\\\ Keeping Cats and Kittens Hydrated

Kitten And Cat Water Fountains

Kittens and cats need fresh plentiful water ready and available all day even when you may not be at home, out working. Suitable dishes and bowls are available from major pet stockists and you can read more about food and drinks for your pet in our Food Guide.

Water fountains provide a fresh supply of water during the day being continually oxygenated and can encourage your pet to drink more. Most are driven by mains supply and do not need turning off. It is harder for the pump if it is turned on and off continuously and should not require being turned off unless there is not enough water in the fountain for the allotted set time.

Not drinking enough water can lead to your pets becoming dehydrated which further leads to other medical conditions. They are particularly useful during the summer months ensuring there’s a constant supply of fresh cool water available in the home.

There is surprisingly a large range of shapes and sized water fountains, generally manufactured in three types of resins, plastic, ceramic, and steel. Kittens, smaller cats, and small dogs importantly need a fountain that is not too high for them to reach. Prices do vary according to how sophisticated the design is and the resin manufactured from.

Water fountains are perfect if you are busy, out-and-about not at home, knowing your pet has a plentiful supply, particularly in hot weather. There’s a number of different styles available and listed below are a few pointers on what to look out for. 

8 Best Tips Buying Pet Water Fountains

  • Robust enough that can’t be nudged across a floor by a dog interfering if in a joint pet household.
  • Look for dishwasher safe tops that can be hygienically cleaned.
  • A large water-to-air surface that helps to maximise oxygenation.
  • Holds at least 2 litres of water. Larger pets may require more.
  • Small energy-efficient pump.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.
  • A shallow water area to help cats and kitten be whisker free of the water.
  • Filters to help catch unnecessary debris occurring.

Catit, the cat specialist, video about their Pixi water fountain.

If you are at home and plan on leaving a bowl of water out, then this should be refreshed periodically throughout the day for your pet.

\\\ Cat And Kitten Beds

What Cat Bed Is Best?

Whether it’s a cave, mat igloo, snoozer, rest bed, cushion, blanket, sofa style, couch, or tepee there’s something to suit every cat or kitten and style of home. Our pets have never been so spoilt for choice.

Cats like to sleep the majority of the day, around 15 hours or so, and like curling up where it’s warm and snug, so it’s important to provide them with that environment when buying their bed. 

Cats like to feel safe and secure, and if your cat particularly likes to hide then an ‘igloo’ or ‘cave’ bed may be the answer keeping them snug and warm as well.

There’s a wide selection of colours and sizes available and most kitten and cat beds fit puppies and small dogs but remember to measure your pet from nose to half tail for approximate length before you buy and some beds will be stocked in a range of varying sizes.

There’s no need to resort to standard coloured cat beds with so many stockists offering beautiful styles that will grace any room of your home. Look out for cat beds crafted in a mixture of different fabrics, cleverly combining scratching materials such as rope sisal trims that cats simply adore sharpening their claw nails on instead of your sofa! If you prefer, buying a scratch post and cat bed may be the solution.

There’s a range of scratch towers that now include cat beds combining the two features and saving some room.

Measure the area available in your home before purchasing any pet bed or equipment ensuring your purchase will fit!

Some cats are happy to snooze on cushions on sofas or on your bed if you allow your pets on them. Small ‘duvets’ designed for dogs which are large size and shaped pillows that can be another option for your cat to have their own space.

When buying for the first time, don’t feel you have to buy everything at once for your new pet. Buy the basics and add new items gradually. You may find that spending wisely and on better quality items will last you longer. Some of the more contemporary pet suppliers now offer Klarna and Paypal Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment programmes to help with budgeting.

A small selection of the many different kitten and cat beds available. Stockists at the foot of the page.

\\\ Cat Flaps

Home Entry Cat Flaps

Cat Flaps

Cat entry flaps are perfect for those cats given the option of inside and outside lives. Easy to insert into back doors or windows where your cat can hop in and out.

Sureflap, a trusted long-established firm, makes numerous different styles including the original come-and-go cat entry flap and others that can prevent other cats or pets from entering your home.

This technique can provide perfect solutions as to how and when you want to let your cat have access with sophisticated timed and cat id entry stopping neighborhood cats from visiting your home and preventing your cat once back at home from exiting again depending on the controls and device purchased.

This type of sophisticated cat flap identifies your cat using their unique identification microchip, unlocking only for your pet when they enter the home, preventing intruder cats from gaining access. 

Features include –

  • The cat flap works by reading your cat’s existing identification microchip (no collar required),
    For non-micro chipped pets, you can use the SureFlap collar tag.
    Selective entry – any animal can exit. The microchip reader is located on the outside of the cat flap only
  • Stores up to 32 pet identities in memory. Remembers all registered cats even when the batteries are removed
  • The low battery indicator light flashes red when the batteries start running low giving you plenty of time to change them
  • 2 colours available. Watch the video.  

\\\ Routine Cat Treatments

Routine Kitten And Cat Treatments

It’s important to keep up routine treatments for a healthy and happy pet. These include flea and worming monthly treatments as well as dental checks. Cat Insurance companies expect pet owners to keep their cats healthy and can dismiss insurance claims if a disease may be caused by the failure to do so. Routine treatments vary according to age and breed, and vets will help to suggest the necessary treatments required. Routine treatments can be purchased from major pet stockists or ordered on the popular monthly subscription packages now available online.

Routine Treatments include

  • Flea & Tick
  • Calming 
  • Worming
  • Dental
  • Digestion & Stomach
  • Skin & Coat
  • Supplements
  • Ear & Eye
  • Joints & Mobility needs

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Your Kitten And Cat Shopping Directory – Everything You Need

Kitten & Cat Beds

PetsloveScruffs luxury cat pet beds from the cat specialists with more than 11 million happy customers.

Catit sells a range of cat furniture incorporating a bedroom area for kittens and cats.

  • Not In The Dog House offer a range of cosy cave style, rattan and radiator cat beds.
  • Viovet for all your kitten and cat supplies including a large range of cat beds. Registered Veterinary Retailer.
Kitten & Cat Bowls Storage & Water Dispensers

Jollyes a large and comprehensive selection of feeding bows, raised bowls, mats, and slow eaters.

  • Catit the cat specialists sell cat accessories including quality bowls and water dispensers and necessary replacements.
  • Not In The Dog House offer a range of contemporary branded kitten and cat bowls.
  • Monster Pet Supplies  kitten and cat water fountains and food bowls available.
  • Bunty sells a range of competitively priced cat bowls and feeders.
Cat Carriers

Catit offers solutions for quality kitten and cat carriers at affordable prices.

Bunty sells a range of competitively priced kitten and cat carriers.

Monster Pet Supplies offer a standard and useful crate suitable for kittens and cats.

Kitten & Cat Food Manufacturers
  • Hi Life great tasting selection of natural kitten and cat foods.
  • Meowing Cats premium kitten and cat foods packed with plenty of natural ingredients.
  • AATU the original 80:20 cat food, with a staggering 80% meat in every product.
  • Catit the specialist website for kittens and cats provide a range of both dry and wet foods and nibble treats.
Kitten & Cat Foods By Subscription

Republic of Cats new from sister company premium cat subscription food delivered to your door monthly.

Pooch & Mutt healthy cat food by subscription delivered straight to your door.

Kitten & Cat Online Stores Selling multi items

Zooplus – Catit – Bunty Viovet 

Pets At Home  – Jollyes

Monster Pet Supplies 

Not In The Dog House

Cat Entry Flaps

Jollyes stock a large range of cat entry flaps.

Monster Pet Supplies offer a range of useful and essential cat flaps for outdoor cats.

Kitten & Cat Furniture
  • Not In The Dog House offer a range of both branded names cat scratching posts and towers.
  • Monster Pet Supplies can supply a range of different types of scratching posts and flat scratching pads for your cat.
  • Catit offer a range of the quality Vesper kitten and cat furniture, including towers, scratch pads and posts.
  • Zooplus offer a range of small to tall kitten and cat scratch posts
Kitten & Cat Grooming

Jollyes have a large range of kitten and cat grooming products.

Catit offer well-thought-out grooming kits for either short hair or long hair cats.

Monster Pet Supplies offers a sensible professional and necessary range of grooming accessories.

Kitten & Cat Litter & Trays

Not In The Dog House offer a range of cat litter and trays.

Monster Pet Supplies can supply a large range of differing cat litter.

Catit produces their own eco-friendly clumping cat litter, go natural.

Cat Toys
Cat Treats

Hi Life Great tasting selection of natural kitten and cat foods.

Meowing Cats premium cat foods and treats packed with plenty of natural ingredients.

Not In The Dog House offer a range of branded delicious cat treats.

Monster Pet Supplies offer a quality range of cat and kitten treats.

Catit offers a range of their own produced cat treats.

Cat Supplements

Hey Day Pets Hey Day provides your cat with a range of quality supplements, probiotics, multivitamins, and omegas, and health grooming products.

Cat Routine Treatments
  • Not In The Dog House offer cat branded flea treatment products.
  • Monster Pet Supplies  cat branded flea treatments available.
  • Jollyes offer health treatments for cats from stores or order online 24/7.
  • Viovet for flea, ticks, lice and mite prescription medication. Registered Veterinary Retailer.
Cat Routine Treatments By Subscription

itchpet Itch pet specialises in delivering regular, convenient, monthly by post, effective treatment from fleas for cats keeping your pet flea-free. Wormers and supplements are now available.

Pets At Home offer a monthly competitively priced flea subscription delivered to your door for your cat.

Joii Pet Care offers monthly subscription treating fleas, for your cat recommended by qualified vets.

Kitten & Cat 24/7 Vet

Joii Pet Care online cat veterinary advice 24/7 with access to qualified UK vets.

Cat GPS Tags

Tractive need to check where your pet is any time of the day? Try the Tractive GPS pet tracking system for cats. Works globally in more than 150 countries. Perfect when travelling with your pet. Available online or buy in selected pet shops.

Kitten & Cat Insurance

Pets At Home offers kitten and cat insurance with the help of highly-rated Pet Plan insurers.

Itch Pet is not just about routine treatments for your cat. They now offer Insurance through the Pinnacle Insurance Group.

Cat First Aid Packs

Not In The Dog House offer a sensibly priced first aid pack handy to have ready for that unexpected kitten or cat emergency.

Pets At Home offer a handy pack suitable for cats.

Cat Collars

Monster Pet Supplies offer branded cat collars.

Cat Id Tags

Pet Tags UK Pet Tags UK specialise in selling huge modern high-quality pet identity tags for cats and kittens.

Monster Pet Supplies pet ID tags for cats and kittens.

Pets At Home offer a range of Id tags for cats and kittens.

Pet Personalisation

PrezzyBox is the present online store offering a huge range of gifts including perfect pet-themed gifts for any event; a range of cat gift personalisation gifts plus gift vouchers.

Bunty sells a range of competitively priced cat accessories that can be personalised.

Cat Gift Hampers

Not In The Dog House offer an all-year-round selection of cat gift hampers and boxes for any special event or birthday!


Pet Sitters

TrustedHousesitters internationally recognized offers professional house pet sitters and pet sitters enjoy houses to occupy in 130 countries across the globe.

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