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Winter Pet Insurance Claims

The Pet Accidents Vets Frequently See In Winter

Pet accidents can happen anytime and some more costly than others. Sometimes you may have wished you had taken just a moment longer to read all the pet insurance information, reviewed costs and took out a pet insurance policy.

Below, we’ve listed 9 typical outdoor accidents vets see in their surgeries up and down the UK during winter months where veterinary care can total up to thousands of pounds, far outweighing not having taken out an insurance policy which can help towards the cost of that care.

Typical accidents include –

  • More pet accidents due to darker road conditions where pedestrians walking aren’t seen by motorists. Both cats and dogs suffer from chemical burns to their paws caused whilst walking on roads and pavements by the salt and grit on icy paths and roads.

  • Dogs slipping whilst out walking in the snow even falling into dangerous ice-covered ponds needing rescuing and possibly a case of hyperthermia.

  • Dogs licking and swallowing dangerous Ethylene Glycol antifreeze, collected in puddles left from car radiators and windscreen wash, an emergency condition that left too long is fatal.

  • Dogs playing in snow crashing into snow-covered boulders or falling into large holes.

  • Too longer dog walks and dogs not adequately protected where dogs simply get so cold and can cause hyperthermia.

  • Cats sitting under car bonnets sheltering from the cold which can cause death if the driver is unaware

  • Cats dying of hyperthermia whilst outside with no shelter.

  • Cats that become dehydrated and starve due to being locked in sheds whilst trying to find warmth and cover from cold weather

There’s been a move recently by some pet owners not to renew pet insurance policies or new owners ignoring pet insurance which can be shortsighted especially when a pet starts ageing and veterinary care costs are likely to increase. There are more than 80 pet insurance companies in the UK offering a range of policies so there is plenty of choice of differing types of policies available for everyone.

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Christmas Pet Insurance Claims

December is a busy time for everyone including vets who see more pet emergencies during December than most other months, some vets having a full A&E leading up to and over the Christmas period resulting in a stream of pet insurance claims being made.

The most common claims resulting from naughty pets sneaking into rooms laden with Christmas presents that may include chocolates, nuts, alcohol and other goodies, all foods and drinks that result in severe upset stomachs and can lead to poisoning if they’ve consumed too much.

Cats notoriously play with the baubles on Christmas trees and bring these crashing down smashing displays whilst they can be injured and cut their paws. Dogs find wrapping paper and ribbon left lying around. Whilst wrapping paper generally isn’t toxic ribbon can cut their mouths and twist in their intestines and pets eating rich Christmas food that simply doesn’t agree.

You can prevent many of these accidents by taking some precautions when preparing for Christmas and minimise your vet insurance claims.


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